Since starting my Facebook page a while back, I was amazed at just how many Arkansas nature lovers were actually out there!  The number of fans on the page has now grown to more than 5000!  And I do love and appreciate all who have allowed me into a small part of their Facebook lives…to allow me to show off all the neat things I find in my adventures through the woods of the Ozark Mountains and elsewhere.

I also love hearing what you have to say.  Many of those among my followers wander around the same hills as I do…and contribute regularly to the page, answering questions and even educating ME about my own pictures!

And… there are these very kind comments I collected from under the photos in my Facebook gallery …which compliment either our beautiful backyard, it’s ultimate creator, or me (thank you!) …which give me inspiration and motivation …and get me going whenever I start draggin’ just a bit.  (Who doesn’t like to hear a good compliment now and then?)   Maybe these bits of kind appreciation will help convince others to join my page (and our family).


– – – – –

“Can’t improve on God’s work, but the way you capture his work tells me your destiny is to have a camera in hand. It is gonna be hard for Arkansas to remain the best kept secret with all of your magnificent pictures. Thanks for all of them.”

“Takes my breath away !!!!!”

“Spectacular photo!  Color soo vivid!!  It gave mee chills the first time i seen it!  Looks as if time stood still!  u have an impressive talent!!”

“I just can’t get enough of these!  They’re just draw a person right in them!  they are so great! A lot of photo’s don’t draw the viewer into them, but you have the God given talent, Randy.”

“Thanks from Bull Shoals AR Randy, I always look forward for more of your pictures :)”

“You’re pictures are spectacular.  What great work!!  Simply beautiful!”

“Great work!  So calming!  Beautiful composition & color!  Could enjoy for hrs on end!  Tks!”

“Beautiful Arkansas!  More people should see this!!!  Awesome pictures!”

“These are some beautiful pictures!  It makes you want to be there where it is peaceful and beautiful!”

“Very beautiful!!  Sharing this on my page!  :)”

“They’re ALL so beautiful, Randy!  This, however, is my favorite!  It has such an intimacy to it…makes me want to explore
the Smith Creek area, look for all the Life in every nook and cranny. Thanks for sharing!”

“Looking at these pictures, you can almost here the water flowing.. They pull you into your work. Thanks!”

“Some of these look like paintings!”

“I absolutely love this!  Can i get a print?  Where do i order from?”

“Wow!  So powerful and majestic!  Would love to call this place my playground!  Randy you are giving me new places I look forward to exploring!  Thanks for your wonderful work!”

“Absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you for sharing with us!  My hubby and I will be taking a drive to see this real soon!  Keep up the great work!! =)”

“I used to live in Siloam Springs but had no idea this was there!  Beautiful!!!”

“Nature at its best!”

“Definitely putting this one on my list!  Wish I could go today.”

“Waterfalls have always been a favorite of mine… They are so peaceful and tranquil. This photo makes me want to go here and stand under the falls.”

“This is one of my favorites!!  Planning on visiting here someday!  Thanks to your beautiful photography!!”

“Than You Randy!  I don’t like it.  I love it!  You once again take me back to the places I love! And anytime I can go back to Arkansas be it photo or in person, it’s home to me!”

“Wow this is beautiful !!!  Would love having this hanging on my wall in my house!  Miss the beauty of Arkansas!”

“Amazing what you can do with a camera.  Love viewing your pictures. Arkansas is God’s country for sure!!!”

“This is why we retired to Arkansas!”

“I love it!  Where is this???”

“Randy, you are nailing these shots this week!!!


“I want this in my back yard!  What a view!”

“Randy, this is the photo that I like…want it for my cabin!”

“What a great picture.  How do you know these places?”

“Absolutely Beautiful. God is awesome!!!  Thanks for sharing!”

“I have always said…The ONLY way to Heaven is through ARKANSAS!  Thank GOD my Parents raised me in this State!!!”

“God’s Glorified Playground!  What an artist he is!  spectacular!”

“This shows just how beautiful it is here to all my friends & family who have never experienced the beauty. Thank you for capturing it the way I wish I could!”

“Beautiful!!! I love the pictures you take. Thanks for sharing!”

“I have some pictures of the area that I look at often, but I’m so grateful and happy to pull up my page and have your
“view” of  the area!  Thanks so much, Randy!!  Please don’t stop!”

“You take the most wonderful pictures, Randy!  Thanks from Garfield, AR

“Awesome work. Love the horses in the snow.”

“What a BEAUTIFUL photo! Arkansas at it’s FINEST!!”

“This looks more like a painting than a photograph!  Great work!”

“I absolutely hate snakes, but this is an awesome picture!”

“This is truly beautiful!  Is it for sale?”

“We are so blessed right here in Arkansas…What a lovely picture.”

“Breathtakingly beautiful light, reflections et al –Well done!”

“It’s a beautiful one!  Good shot!”

“You have some great photos!  thanks for sharing!”

“Hard to believe it is a photo. Beautiful!!!”

“This looks like a painting.  Just unreal!  Nice pic!”


“WOW!  What a shot!!  You just seem to be at the right spot at the right time!”

“This is STUNNING!!”

“Your photos are so crisp –they are super real & lovely.”

“Wow!  I’d love to be there!”

“WONDERFUL work!  God sure did bless Arkansas!”

“Wow!  Fantastic Shot!”

“Beautiful panorama seascape / landscape shot!  Well done!”

“Great eye my friend and great shop work!  You have a beautiful hometown to capture nature at it’s peak.!

“Love it, love it, love it!”

“Great Picture!  You know how to makem look good!”

“I want Mother and Daddy to see this!  It is just beautiful!”

“Interesting panoramic interior shot!  Well done!”

“CAN I BUY A PRINT OF THIS?  This is awesome!!”

“Love this picture and enjoy all your photos so very much. Thanks for sharing your talent, Randy.”

“Thank you for posting your art. I enjoy each!”

“Feels like a fairy tale!”

“Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures of Arkansas. I enjoy your photos very much.”

“Great shot Randy!”

“Sweetness!  This is a view that makes my stress melt.  I LOVE ARKANSAS.  Thanks for posting this!”

“How beautiful!!!!!”

“Beautiful, The perfect Autum photo!!”

“Good job Randy – makes me want to get out and just drive!”

“These are really cool, Randy! Keep up the AWESOME work!”

“I have been at all of these places. I lived 25 miles 15/20 miles north of from1978/1991 in Hector.  We loved it.  Arkansas has so many things and places to do and see that cost nothing!”

“My son and I love Arkansas, the nature, the people, + the place to be! Thanks Randy for sharing your photography with us.”

“Awesome, I so look forward to your postings”

“This is beautiful!  I am ready to go to Haw Creek Falls now!”

“Good taste-artistic with heart”

“Love these pic’s!!  They are all always so pretty!  Thanks for sharing them with us :)”

“I love storms and your pictures are awesome….ty”

“I love the rainbow!”

“That is so cool.”

“very awesome shot!”

“This is an awesome pic. I’ve tried taking a pic of lightning on my phone, but I always miss the lightning and get clouds. U did great though.”

“Pictures are GREAT !! Thanks for sharing your talent with us and thanks to God for His beautiful and awsome work !!!!”

“Wish I could get those shots!”

“That is great!!!”

“Magnificent, Randy!!”

“Thanks for all you do and sharing the wonderful pictures!!”

“I love the double rainbows. There so pretty. U did a great job!”

“Thanks for sharing your pictures and your comments are just as beautiful.”

“God always has it right. Beautiful picture!”

“wow! so rare to see a double rainbow! so beautiful! thanks for sharing!”

“This is a beautiful pic Randy, good work.”

“You are sure a talented photographer. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I sure do enjoy them!!!”

“Can not do any better! God gives us such beautiful places and you capture them so true to his making! Thanks.”

“Randy, these shots are awesome!  Thank you for doing what you do!  :)”

“You are VERY good and God gave you some fantastic material to work with! A great team!!”

“WOW!  How great!  Looks like an old town I use to live in as a kid!  Just the best picture!”

“This is too cool!”

“So awesome!  Great capture!”

“This is a gorgeous picture!!!”

“What a wonderful capture of God’s work! Love it!”

“LOVE THIS!!!!!”

“Wow…This is so beautiful. Randy takes awesome pictures.”

“Love ALL these!”

“I miss these beautiful places!  Wow Randy you r the man!”

“Really nice pics!!!!!!!”

“Cant wait to get out there & see these beautiful places!”

“Wow Great PICS i enjoy nature pics when they re good like yours”

“These are so pretty.  I just want to sit, stare & relax!”

“These photos are stunning and show the true beauty of the Ozarks!”

“These are beautiful. no place like Arkansas!

“I love ur pictures, they are beautiful, an we go to these places quite often we don’t live far from them:)))”

“Makes you want to jump in the car after the next rain – they’re beautiful – every single one. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us.”

“This is a beautiful site but you did an exceptional job of capturing the beauty.”

“What a beautiful shot.”

“I have been here before, and it was beautiful. Great photograph!”

“Beautiful!  Gonna have to get the daughter in law to take me here.  She lives 4 miles from Russellville and I am sure she knows exactly where it is at.. thanks!”

“Breath taking beautiful!”

“Been to Ponca never seen the bridge.  Your photos are great wish mine were this good!”

“They are all beautiful…makes it hard to choose a favorite!  :)”

“One of my favorite places. Beautiful job!”

“I love this place! I grew up only a few minutes from it. =)”

“This is one of my favorites!  Thanks for sharing them.”

“What a great job!  It does help when you have something to shoot that is so beautiful.  Newton county is just that!”

“Beautiful pics!  Thanks you!  I so enjoy!”

“Just insert OHHH AHHH WOW on all of these river and stream pix’s!”

“Reflection..Amazing. Love this.”

“Amazing Picture. Think this will be my next trip!  THANKS!”

“Very nice!  Love the waterfall pictures u post!”

“Wonderful pic! Waterfalls seem so calming!”

“Arkansas is so pretty. Thanks for sharing your photographs.”

“So amazing!  God is so sharing and its all free to anyone..who wants to see.  Thank you for your photo!”

“Thanks for sharing!  So pretty!”

“Beautiful!  God is so good!”

“I love walking that creek!  Your photo caught God’s handiwork fabulously.”

“Like the ones with water features in them!  Another good one!”

“I love your work!”

“Beautiful, Randy!”

“Boxley Valley and Ponca are both such beautiful areas I fell in love with the area when I visited. Simply gorgeous.”

“Thanks for sharing this pic, Randy!  True Arkansas beauty!”

“Beautiful!  Thanks for posting…guess your pix is as close and I will get to those gorgeous Ozark colors this year”.

“Now this is exactly why we moved to Arkansas after a year in Wyoming.  Thank you for sharing.”

“This is one of the reasons I LOVE my home state!  THANK YOU for sharing your talent with the rest of us.”

“Those are beautiful pictures. thank you for sharing those!”

“Beautiful!  nothing else needs to be said”

“Beautiful!! Love your photos!!”

“Hello!  First time here!  I do want to tell you that this photo is very beautiful.  It is almost 3D looking with the differnt angles, depths and like the heighth of this very colorful, fall beauty photo. Nice work!! : )”

“We are so blessed to live in the Ozarks…Thanks for sharing your photo’s Randy.”

“Absolutely Gorgeous!!!  Love these Ozark Hills!!!!”

“Beyond Beautiful!!!  Thanks so much for sharing!!”

“Wonderful photographer!  Enjoy all your pics.”

“Thanks for reminding us of God’s beauty.”

“That is an award-quality photograph.  Thanks for sharing it Randy.”

“I could sit there all day, for sure”

“Love these!!”

“I soo want to go there. This is one of the many visual reasons why I love Arkansas!”

“Just beautiful and right in our own back yard!”

“This is such a beautiful spot!”

“Thats a great pic!  Really good timing and capture!”